SAPRE is at your disposal for any information or technical support following your purchase. Our technicians are there to support you and ensure optimum use of your product.


It is fundamental for the user to have the best maintenance security. SAPRE designs and manufactures all its products in France.

  • TG EXPERT, TG DISPLAY, TG 83, TG 87, TG 90, TG 92, TG 94, TG 205, TG 2012 C, TG 2015.
  • MTD 930, MTD 950, HFC 95, H2LD, LDI 95, MTD 95, MTD 92.
  • HRD 92, HND 92, DSC 20, HRD 920, HFC 92, HFC 94, HFC 2005.

SAPRE can also, to satisfy its customers, ensure the control and maintenance of certain detectors of other origins.

Contact us and send us your equipment. Upon receipt, our technicians, after diagnosis, you will send you a maintenance estimate as to return your repaired equipment as soon as possible.

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Société SAPRE
TECHINDUS, Bât A – ZI Les Milles
645, Rue Mayor de Montricher
13290 Aix-en-Provence – FRANCE


All wear parts of our products are simply and quickly replacing : Probes and Detection Cells, Sniffing Pipes, Double Plug Cable.
To ensure a operating, without interruption of your equipment, we have a large stock of spare parts so that you can replace the wear parts yourself as soon as possible.


We offer calibration and control of your refrigerant gas leak detectors. It is recommended that your detector be calibrated annually to ensure proper operation.
Upon receipt of your equipment, our technicians will carry out a complete diagnosis and check the calibration.
After a positive diagnosis, a verification statement according to standard NF EN 14624, will be issued. If after diagnosis, we find a malfunction, we will send you a maintenance quotation.


As a manufacturer, SAPRE offers you its expertise to meet your specific needs.
Describe us your application and we will study a project corresponding to your requirements.